Google Apps Examples

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Google Apps are a suite of tools that can be used both within and without an education domain. Within an education domain users do not need email accounts to engage in collaboration.

Google Documents is an Online word processing application that allows you to store, share, collaborate and publish your documents to the Web.

Google Presentations is an Online slide show application that allows you to store, share, collaborate and publish your slide shows to the Web. You can also present your slide shows Online and allow your viewers to join in a chat as they follow your slide show.

Google Spreadsheets is an Online spreadsheet application that allows you to store, share, collaborate and publish your spreadsheets to the Web. Google spreadsheets will perform mathematical functions, graph your data and allow you to collect data via an Online form. There is also a chat feature that allows you to look at data with others and chat about it Online in real time.

Google Forms are survey tools that can be used to collect data into spreadsheets, create quizes, book reviews, sample student preconceptions, etc.

Google Drawings can be used by students to create graphics, timelines, concept maps, etc. These can be placed within other Google Apps.

Google Sites are websites that can be edited collaboratively and used to showcase student products.

Google Maps are maps that can be modified with placemarks and overlays. This is a simplified web version of the more robust Google Earth which is a software piece that is installed on your pc. Google maps allows for realtime collaboration.

Reasons for use

  • Easily share and edit documents, spreadsheets & presentations online.
  • Collaborative environment that can be accessed from any computer with internet access.
  • Much more stream-lined for collaboration than email attachments.
  • Upload documents, spreadsheets, and Power Point presentations to edit online.
  • Spreadsheets feature- create forms that can serve as surveys, questionnaires or quizzes. Respondents fill out form and the data is automatically fed into your spreadsheet.

Ease of use

  • Very easy with or without a Google Account.
  • Editing features are very similar to Microsoft Word.
  • File folder organizational structure available within Google Docs.