How do I learn to use and implement these tools?
Learn along with the students, and allow them to teach you. You will value them as you empower them, gaining their appreciation and respect for the respect you have shown them.

Where do I start?

Step 1: Articulate the learning goals (content understanding and skills) for your students

Step 2: Identify the artifacts that will assess / evaluate their learning (formative and summative)

Step 3: Identify ways they can interact with the material (labs, simulations, research, reading, etc.) and ask what they can create

Step 4: Identify Web 2.0 tools that support steps 1, 2, and 3

Organize your Digital Life
Create a custom web 2.0 desktop that travels with you everywhere

Organize your bookmarks with tags. All of your favorites are accessible wherever you are. Best feature: if you love a website you can see what similar sites have been bookmarked by others that also bookmarked one of your favorites.

An "app"like interface with tab groups for related resources. My Student's first choice!

Wiki Tutorials

The resources below will help introduce you to collaborative authorship using a wiki. If you have any specific questions please email Philip Vinogradov

What exactly is a Wiki?

This slide show provides advice on how to upload documents and images.

An Introduction to Wikispaces
View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: whs intro)

These Video Tours are a great resource for learning how to use Wikispaces. Sometimes a second set of video tours helps

The slide show below shows step-by-step instructions for using additional wikispaces features

Free Educator Wikis - Private with a great deal of file storage

gettingtrickywithwikis For when you and your students want to explore advanced wiki potential