Wikis epitomize the dynamic potential of web 2.0 tools to support effective pedagogy.

Wiki's as collaboration tools -

Classroom Learning Communities
  • meaningful and authentic work

  • task / project / problem / outcome oriented

  • all collaborators to contribute

  • reticent contributors can anonymously examine / model the work of others

  • accommodates multiple learning styles

  • allows for differentiation by scaffolding support

  • facilitates reflection and revision

  • engaging

Students are acutely aware that their work will be viewed and USED by others. As a result they are highly motivated to...

  • articulate their understanding
  • make meaning of information
  • create a high quality product that has value to others

Supports Professional Learning Communities
(for the same reasons that it works in the classroom)
  • Unit and lesson design
  • evaluation of best practices
  • a medium for reflection on prior work and documenting progress

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